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Department of Basic Sciences

Division of Physics

Division of Physics is established within the Department of Basic Sciences under School of Basic and Applied Sciences. The division has its roots in teaching and research. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to inculcate students in learning about fundamental laws of Physics. The division provides the best quality of faculties to impart better learning among the students. Also, the modern physics laboratory equipment enable students to get the better practical training. The division is deeply involved in research with a wide range of frontier areas: such as Materials Science, Applied Electronics, Semiconductor devices, Solar Devices, Microwave Antennas, Condensed Matter Physics, Soft Matter Physics, Nano Science, Nuclear Physics, Weather Forecasting, and many others. The division offers highquality graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. The division has a good number of experienced faculties working in the variety of fields to create a good research environment. Well equipped labs are also available for research scholars as well as UG, PG students. The division provides a variety of basic and elective Physics courses to Engineering and Science students in the University. Following programs are being offered by Physics division in 2021-22:

  • B.Sc in Physics
  • M.Sc in Physics
  • Ph.D in Physics

Division of Chemistry

The Chemistry division provides the opportunity for a student to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of all fields of chemistry. The division offers courses both in specialised chemistry fields like inorganic, organic and physical chemistry and additionally offers courses in interdisciplinary chemistry fields like green chemistry, environmental toxicology and also partly bio-inorganic and bio-organic chemistry. All the theory courses in the curriculum are very well supported by practical courses for increasing both the conceptual and skill of students in Chemistry. The faculty members have expertise in frontier areas of research such as heterocyclic synthesis, catalysis, organic functional materials, polymeric membranes, electrochemistry, nano-materials, photochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry and polymers. All the faculty members in the department have contributed well and are having good number of international and national journals and patents to their credit. The main vision and focus of the division is to inculcate good chemical skills with high professional competence in interdisciplinary research encompassing Biology, Chemistry and Physics to fit for national needs and also to develop the skills of team work and also to make their students aware of environmental aspects of Chemistry. The division is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments required to carry out modern day Chemistry practical as well as research. One of the unique features of the courses offered to B. Tech students is to develop fundamental aspects of engineering chemistry as well as application oriented approach. The division offers Ph.D programme in various areas of Chemistry. Doctoral students are provided comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their research. Following programmes are being offered by Chemistry division in 2021-22:

  • B.Sc in Chemistry
  • M.Sc in Chemistry
  • Ph.D in Chemistry

Division of Mathematics

Mathematics is a discipline that is widely accepted as a tool to decode the science of nature. It is recognised as the language of science/Engineering. The division is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate training as well as in research and scholarship in pure and applied mathematics. Our faculty conducts active research in a broad range of areas, from algebra, analysis, and geometry to mathematical biology and mathematical finance, to numerical analysis, scientific computing and medical image analysis. Faculties of the division have very good academic profiles and performing well in various fields of Mathematics. The division also offer PhD program to dedicated candidates from across the country to explore their research capabilities useful for the development of society. Following programmes are being offered by Mathematics division in 2021-22:

  • B.Sc in Mathematics
  • B.Sc in Programming & Data Science
  • M.Sc in Mathematics
  • Ph.D in Mathematics


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