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School of Finance & Commerce

The department of Finance & Commerce offers programs in the areas of Commerce and Finance. The Programs have an interdisciplinary focus and are very intensive and rigorous. Teaching at the school takes place through multiple methods, including lectures, case studies, role plays, group discussions and seminars.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure, along with the expertise of our proficient faculty members, provides a platform for top-notch learning. Apart from academics, the department holds various interactive sessions with eminent corporate and industry leaders that ensure the overall development of the students.

Students desirous of pursuing a career and interested in commerce, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Corporate Finance and Financial Planning, Financial Markets, Risk Management, Banking and Insurance would be the ideal candidates to enroll for the programs at this school. Infosys, NIIT, Vodafone, Aditya Birla Group, BMW, Airtel, Citibank, HCL, among many others, have been recruiting our students every year.

Finance courses aim to introduce the students to the institutions, theories and practices in Management and Leadership. They are Specially focused on preparing the students to make a profession in Financial Markets and Services. B.COM(Financial Markets) includes certification courses from National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy. The program provides in-depth knowledge of financial securities markets such as bonds, stocks and commodities. In this course students are equipped with knowledge of financial assets pricing, trading regulations, costs and fees in transactions, and market forces determining the pricing of the securities.

Implementation of NEP policy

As we all know, the National Education policy 2020 has been approved by the Union Cabinet of India. With regards to this positive development, the University has decided to implement the New Education Policy from session 2021-22. And henceforth, the changed curriculum as per NEP shall be applied at the school level as well for all undergraduate courses.

NEP outlines the vision of India's new education system, which is expected to bring revolutionary changes. With effect from the academic year, 2021-22 undergraduate courses will be 4-year multidisciplinary degrees with multiple exit options. Hence with more flexibility, a student can take advantage of multiple exit options that will be introduced - studying for one year, two years, three years or four years. This means that a student will be awarded a Diploma for one-year UG education, Advanced Diploma for two-year UG education, Bachelor's Degree for the three-year course as well as a four-year course.

The value of the four-year degree will lie in the fourth Year, adding to the 'degree with research'. NEP has focused on a multidisciplinary approach to education and will provide students an opportunity to enjoy the experience of holistic education with a focus on the chosen major and minors of their choice. According to the provisions of NEP 2020, the UG degree s will be credit-based. It will be available to store the credit digitally . As students will have the option to drop at different stages and also re-enter the higher education system, the credits earned by them so far will be accounted for. The outcome of NEP 2020 is providing a more flexible study route in the higher education sector, letting students choose their academic journey, with the multiple entries and exit options, rather than conforming to the set standards. The four-year UG degree will allow students to move towards more research-based learning, as seen in the higher education structure abroad

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