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The Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Galgotias University is

"Continuous Improvement of Professional Skills and Ethical Values of the Next Generation Human Society by means of Quality Education and Research"

The Core Values

The Galgotias University has been known for its highest standards of education and its continuous efforts of nation building by skill development in the young generation of the nation.

The Galgotias University believes and maintains the following Core Values in all its academic and management processes

  • Enthusiasm to Innovate
  • Quest for Excellence
  • Zeal to inspire the next generation of leaders
  • Openness and Transparency in communication
  • Trust, Dependability and Commitment

Building Nation, Delivering Impact

Galgotians are conquering world the 'Students-First' philosophy is a big reason why
Galgotias University is consistently ranked among India's top universities.

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