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Civil engineers shoulder the responsibility of planning, designing and structuring a project and having it constructed to the required scale. At Galgotias University , The department of Civil Engineering is enriched with a syllabus that makes the students skilled with professional expertise. Civil Engineering Programs at Galgotias is also designed in a way that students are prepared to handle emerging technologies as the labs and most knowledgeable faculties impart knowledge and guidance to make the students excel in their fields.

Our Department is dedicated to balancing the built environment at Galgotias with the natural world. In our research, we seek to understand natural systems in the department of Civil Engineering, to foster the intelligent use of resources and to help our students design sustainable infrastructure systems.

We provide leadership in the field by focusing on technological innovations, seeking advances in basic knowledge and taking a systems perspective and giving our students the practical knowledge they will require in the real world scnario. We concentrate our efforts on quantitative and analytical approaches.

Civil Engineering at Galgotias University is an innovative and vibrant place of learning, where undergraduates, graduate students pursue their educational and research interests.

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Galgotians are conquering world the 'Students-First' philosophy is a big reason why
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