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Message from Dean

Greetings and a very warm welcome to GPTC!

Technical Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation. In this era of Globalization of education, the obvious focus is on the quality of education. A good educational institution strives continuously for sustenance and enhancement of quality in every field of its activity. Polytechnic Galgotias University, Greater Noida was established in 2015. It is one of the most prestigious institutions of learning and is running with innovation, creativity, human intelligence and patience. GPTC stands committed to the practice of academic freedom and encourages cultural diversity as it continues to attract students and faculty. We work diligently to provide a workable environment to the students that enable them to understand the requirements of corporate & Industrial world.

University Polytechnic's mission is "to prepare efficient technical graduates with high level of knowledge and technological innovation to achieve the international standards of quality assurance in accordance with the needs in public and private sectors.”

The Polytechnic is proud to have excellent faculty with exemplary qualifications and accomplishments, with many years of industrial exposure. Our faculties are engaged in cutting-edge research projects and build immersive & hands-on learning environments that stretch beyond traditional classroom models. Our students take advantage of these classroom opportunities for collaborative learning to explore core engineering theories & principles, and to propose fresh ideas for solving real-world problems. Innovative curricula and a collaborative approach to project-based learning assist students as well.

Our students get state-of-the-art, hands-on engineering experience in well-equipped modern facilities. Students learn to put theory into practice and complement academic work with on-the-job knowledge. Faculty and corporate partners help students to take advantage of these opportunities through many companies and projects available here in the Nation Capital Region and abroad. Polytechnic's faculties are dedicated to quality education and innovation, and they encourage students to apply what they've learned to real-world problems.

I firmly believe an organization's success cannot be attained by working in silos. It is the culmination of each and every individual's focused work. With the dedication and support of skilled and experienced academic staff, supportive management, and dynamic students, I am certain and self assured that we will be able to carve a niche in pursuit of our vision and contribute to the growth of the region and our great nation.

Mr. Mohit Gaharwar
Vice Principal
University Polytechnic


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