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Cultural Events

5.3.3 Average Number of sports and cultural events/competition organized by the Institution per year
Year Date of Event/Competition(DD-MM-YYYY) Name of the Event/Competition
2015-16 13-Apr-16 Vaisakhi Celebration
2015-16 1-Feb-16 Chess Competition
2015-16 9-Nov-15 Diwali Celebration
2015-16 23-Mar-16 Holi Celebration
2015-16 14-Aug-15 Independence Day Celebration
2015-16 10-Sep-15 Nukkad Natak
2015-16 26-Jan-16 Republic Day Celebration
2015-16 25-Mar-16 Shaheedi Diwas
2015-16 5-Sep-15 Teachers Day Celebration
2016-17 1-Sep-16 ArtMela
2016-17 28-Oct-17 Diwali Celebration
2016-17 10-Mar-17 Holi Celebration
2016-17 15-Aug-17 Independence Day Celebration
2017-18 13-Jan-17 Lohri Celebration
2017-18 26-Jan-17 Republic Day Celebration
2016-17 13-Jan-17 Singing Competition
2016-17 12-Mar-17 StandUpComedy
2016-17 14-Oct-16 Twist N Turns
2017-18 17-Nov-17 Art and Craft
2017-18 12-Sep-17 Folk Dance Competition
2017-18 15-Aug-17 Independence Day
2017-18 27-Mar-18 Theatre Day
2017-18 26-Jan-18 Republic Day
2017-18 19-Oct-17 Diwali Celebration
2017-18 29-Aug-17 Sports Meet
2017-18 27-Oct-17 Street Play
2018-19 5-Nov-18 Diwali Celebration
2018-19 20-Mar-19 Holi Celebration
2018-19 5-Oct-18 rangoli competition
2018-19 4-Jan-19 role play
2018-19 26-Jan-19 Republic Day Celebration
2018-19 12-Oct-18 spell bee
2019-20 25-Sep-19 Beat Boxing
2019-20 25-Oct-19 Diwali Celebration
2019-20 26-Jan-20 Republic Day
2019-20 13-Sep-19 Engineer's Day
2019-20 30,August,2019 StandUp Comedy


Student Clubs & Chapters


At Galgotias University, students are encouraged to become a member of different clubs and committees. With over 40 different clubs, Galgotias University connects students to a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, and receive recognition.


Promote fellowship, share India’s rich cultural diversity and promote brotherhood.


Inform, inspire and connect students on a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, generate interest and receive recognition.

Administrative Committee

Administrative Committee is the main governing body for all student clubs at Galgotias University. The purpose of Administrative Committee is to register student clubs, assist clubs with events and activities, promote student interaction and involvement and also to allot funds to the registered clubs.


Cultural Society

  • Galgotias Studio D - The Dance Club
  • Galgotias Note Veda - The Music club
  • Galgotias The Actor's Hub-Dramatics Club
  • Galgotias Scintillations - The Fashion Club
  • Galgotias Spic Macay Club
  • Galgotias The Fine arts club
  • Galgotias CamCircle - The Photography Club

Sports Society

  • Galgotias Sports Society

Technical Society

  • Galgotias Gaming Club - F.R.A.G.
  • Galgotias The Creative club
  • Galgotias Quizita Mavens - Quiz Club
  • Galgotias Mechelites: Motorsports Club

Management Society

  • Galgotias Multicultural Business Scholar Club
  • Galgotias GU Management Club
  • Verve
  • The Humanity Saviours - They Do What They Can Do.

Literary Society

  • Lingo Freaks - The Literary club
  • Galgotias Youth Parliament-NIRMAAN

Story Society

  • Galgotias Humans Of Galgotias - Every Story Matters
  • Galgotias APES Club
  • Galgotias Grace Club

Hackathons and Coding Competitions


S. No. Name of the content Registered count Link
1 Tata Crucible Hackathon 2020 49
2 CipHer Decrypter - Hackathon for Women 11
4 CODE 19- Hackathon against COVID 19 20
5 Fighting a Global Crisis - Global Hack 24
6 Google Summer of Code - Google 9  


Coding Competitions

Coding Practice

Hackathons and Coding Competitions

Community Service


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