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Lab Facilities

Chemistry Lab

Introduction to the Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry laboratory of Galgotias University has all the necessary equipments for preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples. The laboratory has traditional equipment including glassware, desiccators, muffle furnace, UV spectrophotometer and oven etc. Chemistry Laboratory conducts fundamental studies about various chemicals to understand both basic failure mechanisms and superior performances. Standard test methods are developed & followed here to improve and facilitate the chemical analysis as well as the characterization. Chemical characterization is done with both sample preparation and analysis. Traditional wet chemistry techniques are used to modify for further testing and analysis. This laboratory has a wide variety of state-of-the-art analytical, spectroscopic & chromatographic techniques for detailed investigation



Physics Lab

Introduction to the Physics Laboratory

All of the laws of physics are expressions of experimentally observed phenomena in nature. In the laboratory you will have an opportunity to observe and discover those phenomena directly. Laboratory work is a veryimportant part of a course in General Physics.

It reinforces the student’s understanding of fundamental concepts and principles while, at the same time,helping the student to develop skill in carrying out scientific measurements. For these reasons, the successful completion of the laboratory component willbe required of every student.

The Physics labs at Galgotias University offer cutting edge practical exposure tothe students and train them to be research and industry ready professionals. The lab is spacious and well equipped with quality apparatus. Glimpse of majorapparatus from Physics Lab






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