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Seeing Agriculture in current scenario where we need to produce more from the same land at the same time without affecting its health, sustainability. With the advent of technology, Agriculture in India is now largely a blend of traditional knowledge refined over years coupled with precision, computer simulations and mechanization. The School of Agricultural science-SOAG which blends modern agriculture education (as per 5th Dean’s Committee of Indian Council of Agriculture Research -ICAR) and NEP scheme of UP Higher Education , with critically checking of each part its curriculum, practical aspects and hands on training . We aim to produce a Agri technocrats as assets trained to lead agriculture in contemporary times, when there are more challenges of uncertainty in climate, resource constraints and a burgeoning population, climate shifts. A pragmatic approach to Agriculture Education is our prime aim, so that the human resources that we produce can tackle farm problems both in Corporates as well as in unorganized sector village levels Besides a robust academic programme, we have specialized trainings on farmers’ fields as well as in agri-based industries so that the students have a real world feel of problems and prospects of agriculture.

  • Agro professional with 20 + years’ experience in corporates , world bank projects (agronomy ,soil science, field experimentation & testing, field promotions of agronomic practices ,project coordination and teaching agronomy).
  • Trained for Irrigation technologies in NAANDAAN Israel
  • Worked as Livelihood expert for watershed communities.
  • Expertise in
    • Polyhouses/Protected cultivation
    • Micro irrigation/drip technologies
    • Precision agriculture
    • Fodder Research
    • PhD.( Agronomy) Fodder Research with MBA - Marketing, Diploma in Disaster Management , Consumer Rights.
    • Micro irrigation: Experience 10 years
    • Teaching - 10 years

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